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Every brand has a North Star.
We'll help you find yours and reach it.

A North Star is Your Guide to Greatness

North Star \nôrTH stär\

  1. a brand's unique position and trajectory
  2. an organization's definition of success
  3. a guiding light

Successful organizations and brands are clear about who they are, how they're different and why people should care.

They have direction. That's their North Star.

Without it, they can be lost, never standing out, and never fully reaching their potential.

Research is the Foundation Our People are the Architects

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Our process for identifying an organization's and brand's North Star is grounded in research and built on insights.

Once developed, our work together stays true to it.

And our clients succeed time and time again because of it.

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The value of data science is indisputable. But data itself doesn't produce insights or strategy. Real insight takes a human touch.

Our people are well-versed in interpreting data and translating it into an organization's growth plan and their brand story. And bringing that story to life.

Client Stories

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American Joint Committee on Cancer at the American College of Surgeons

North Star Insight:
Cancer staging is complicated, the AJCC simplifies it.
Brand Story Tagline:
Validating Science. Improving Patient Care.
The industry-leading cancer staging system and manual.
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St. Edward's University

North Star Insight:
A challenging academic environment, with a heart, that provokes students to realize their potential.
Brand Story Tagline:
Take on Your World.
US News & World Report Ranking of #9, up from #26.
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Live Abundantly

The Wesleyan

North Star Insight:
A trusted advisor in health and aging services with a passionate commitment for whom they serve, ensures that life is lived abundantly.
Brand Story Tagline:
Your abundant life is our ministry.
A new, bountiful experience of aging.
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Exceptional Storytelling Builds Exceptional Brands

Persuasive storytelling is both authentic and relevant. Our North Star Brand Management System ensures that clients don’t get blindsided by changes in market perceptions or demand, while staying true who they are and what they uniquely bring to the world.

Our Storytellers

Teams do more than work well together, they have fun together.

At M Group Agency, we partner with our clients to build off of each other’s talents to discover North Stars, build brands and create insights that inspire action and loyalty.

Our method comes from launching dozens and dozens of new products, services and organizational change initiatives. We are executives in marketing, market research, sales, and brand management. 

We’ve built successful brands and launched countless products and services. We understand how clients can lead their market and make their mark.

Actionable insight. It’s our North Star.